Stress and food, the perfect combo?


The chicken is from my birthday with my family. Does not it look really tasty? Well, I think so, I would love to have that plate right now.

So when I am facing high pressure hunger is really high. Also, my mind is requesting meat, but not any kind of non-veg, the meat should have a lot flavor or cheese is working very well. That is what my mind is thinking right now about food and if I can go to the food store and buy non-veg or should I be good and skip it. Well, of course I will skip the food store.
But, today is the last day to complete the thesis and on top of that the last fashion show. Due to yesterday evening stress I was at the gym from 11-11:30 pm to work out and to remove the stress. Well I can say this, it was not easy to wake up at 5:30 to get ready for the meeting, but I manage it.

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