Lam and rice at Sharaton


lam with less gravy and saffron rice. The dish was great. perfect amount of masla, which helped the lams’ flavor to improve. However, on my right said my new friend from India said this has too little gravy while I thought it was enough (all most no gravy at all). The lam was soft and neasy to remove from the bone and juicy. Perfect taste.
The rice, wow, with saffron. I can not express the taste of the rice.
Well. The food by Chef Anurudh Khanna was amazing. You should visit 260 while he is here.

The guest chef

So, from today to the 2 of June Sharaton has a guest chef from India. The chef is great master chef with good knowledge and make excellent food. Sharaton has he at restaurant 360.
Chef Anurudh Khanna mixed the Indian food with western with a colorful combination and decoration. Yesterday Gala dinner the chef Khana made the dishes and the food was great. Amazing everything from the starts to the dessert so I am looking forward to visit 360 before the 2 of June.