time to say good bye


So, today was a okay day, in the way I got time to be alone during the day. I manage to get food, go the boddypump class and meet the designers. Just that sort of day half is for myself and the other is for other people.
well, not only that, because one of the designers’ is leaving tomorrow afternoon and we said good bye today night.
In my mind it is wired to get attached to people so easily and when the time to say good bye shows up, everything becomes too much. and sentimental. I did want to let her go. Instead she should just be here for a longer time. that girl is truly great, warm heart. However, I am extremely glad to have her as friend. I know we will meet I India, Delhi. But, who knows.

Second show, second time


For some days ago we did the second show at Sharaton hotel. There was again a lot of people in the room therefore it was a bit tuff to walk around in side with this lovely dresses, but somehow we made it. Somehow I do not know how.
Well, we worn the same dresses which mean we were more comfortable.

But, there was a problem, and it was the stairs up to the stage, or at least for me. With the dress and heels on top of that the high stairs. Well, I mange it. Thank god.
Also, it was really fun to wear all the beautiful clothing. Pure art which all the three designers have made.


ThE thesis is handled in

Finally the thesis is handled in yesterday and all my energy disappeared in the afternoon Still, somehow I manage to be awake to 2 am after the work out.

However, in the afternoon the exchange student I am mentor for met me at the café to just hang out and chat about last weekends show. On top of that she had a super sweet birthday gift for me. The gift might look tiny but the meaning is hugh and thoughtful. So in the end the gift is much more bigger then I have thought it would be.
First I got a small card in Swedish, then a candy bag with Haribo (german sweet) and the best part a book for future plans. A book for planning!! She know how much I love to plan and have organizing, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out how I have plan.