Wow, I am very tired after a week with non-stop activities. With too less sleep and a lot of socialization, extremely much. However, the week has been amazing. I have enjoyed it a lot. I do not really think I have enjoyed this much since my holiday in India. As, you can hear, this was badly needed.
However, today is Friday and that means, a lot of home studies for the upcoming final presentation for our thesis. The thing is our paper and the other groups’ paper are around +50 pages each which are killing my energy. The thing is, I do not know if I would manage to read 25 pages in one thesis, it is not because I am lazy. The reason is the thesis is too much of focus and eating my energy, so in the end I feel I have to sleep. However, I am using this great product which read everything from my computer. I am using a lot and that product making my life easier at least.
Also, I can use the speed, English or Swedish and skip the paragraphs. A great product and then I am the worst user of product which can help me with my studies.