Bad “Mad Max”

Yesterday evening I met up my Brazilian friend who is going in few weeks.
We have tried to meet for so long but it has been tricky to find time. However, yesterday we met to see Mad Max. Many people have said it is a good movie but I do not know what is so good with the movie. This movie was very much a typical movie story but to the extreme. The people in the movie looked vey too wired, you could not buy the story, it was too extreme. The bad people were too extreme and ridicules, extremely white and had wired habbits to spry the moutwith silver before they did a heretical for the master and died.

The person next to me and myself were laughing at some part of the movie because it was just too much of the extreme.  For example the bad group went out to “war” and had a car with drum player and on top of that a flying guitarist. How did they get that idea?! I do not know…  On other reason why I did not like, a part of the story there was a dumb person who was on the bad side and fall in love and become a hero. Common, how many more movies do we need with this sort of story but with different layout? So do not watch this movie, it is not worth the cost.

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