Lunch at Taco truck

I feel so good right now.

So far my day has been great. First of all, in the morning I got time to iron everything which needed to be done. Then, I went to the gym and killed my arms in bodypump class. Really, I killed them, in the end it is all about challenge yourself both mentally and physical.
For lunch we went to taco truck. Yes, as you know, we especially me love taco truck. The food is fresh and tasty. The preparation time is nothing and within 3 minutes you have your food. So, this time I ordered chicken and black beans, two of each. The reason is I did not feel for pork. The black beans did not tasted as great as the chicken, but still good.


When the summer has arrived I have to visit taco truck at humlegården. The place looks amazing.

A new book


I have started to read a new book. This time I am in India and trying to understand more about Hinduism.
Even if I have lived in India for two years and been a part of many festivals to celebrate many different gods. However, I have never really understand Hinduism and all the gods. One minutes Vishnu is created b Brahman and next time Vishnu nurture Braham.
In my case I try to understand but, the myths are kind of complicated because all gods are connected somehow with each other. I do not think many Hindus knows a lot about they gods in same why many Christians do not know a lot from the bible or all the festival celebrations reasons.
However, my plan is to read this book to get a little better idea about Hinduism, but still everything very confusing for me.