A new book


I have started to read a new book. This time I am in India and trying to understand more about Hinduism.
Even if I have lived in India for two years and been a part of many festivals to celebrate many different gods. However, I have never really understand Hinduism and all the gods. One minutes Vishnu is created b Brahman and next time Vishnu nurture Braham.
In my case I try to understand but, the myths are kind of complicated because all gods are connected somehow with each other. I do not think many Hindus knows a lot about they gods in same why many Christians do not know a lot from the bible or all the festival celebrations reasons.
However, my plan is to read this book to get a little better idea about Hinduism, but still everything very confusing for me.

3 thoughts on “A new book

  1. Wow great keep reading 🙂 and do write a blog about what all you experienced & learnt !! I am also thinking of reading it but not being possible 😦 yes its all very confusing as far as I know !!

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