One of my many weaknesses is…


All the spices I have collected from Canada, Kazakhstan, India and some countries from South America. Well, I have to confess only salt and pepper do not help to make good and tasty food. There has to be some sort of twist.
Whenever I am cooking chili has to be in my food. However, I have not make the mistake of adding too much chili for sometime now. Instead, too less chili, but better to have to add more while eating than having tears from the food.

I really love mustered seeds, garam masala, and cumin seeds. They are the amazing. Also, sometimes when I am cooking the smell from the maslas are sipping out from my door and out to the stairs… I really hoping none is against my food….

I love spices

what a day

My breakfast is as boring as my plans for today. My breakfast was with oat and apple pieces. My day, is full with laundry hours from 7:20 to 12 am. Then I had in mind to have a fast visit at the gym. But, that might not be possible. The reason is very simple, my knee is hurting at everything step I am taking. So, most likely my knee has to rest. For example during the bodypump I used the same weight for my legs and arms, 3 kg. How depression isn’t?


Wow what a treat!


For the first time I had Taiwanese sweet. I would explain the sweet with fatty, sweet and really tasty. If I understood it right, the sweet is made with pineapple, but the sad part is I don’t know the name of the sweet. However, the sweet is home made by the aunt in the family. Also, the aunt is making them and selling this sweets here in Sweden!
May be I should try to find where I can buy the sweets.

Keep on and build it alone

Well, yesterday my dad came over after my work shift finished and I had a quick bite. We started to build the ikea wardrobe. As many people have faced, we got a bit confused where to start what is up and down. However, today when I waked up I started to put the shelfs in the wardrobe, by myself and hang my tops in the wardrobe. On top of that, it was not easy to build some part by myself. This is good practices of read and focus on do everything over again.

More or less what is missing are the doors. But, that my dad has to come over and help. I can not do it by myself.

Chicken and dinner

For some days ago I had Taiwanese dinner at my friends’ home. The funniest thing to have dinner with my friend is while had plat and the other had bowl of rice. Also, the other funny thing is, I used fork and the other used sticks.
But, in the end we all ate at the same speed and spoke.

The dinner was with white asparagus , chicken and green boiled salad. The dinner was amazing. After dinner, we had soup, to fill up the stomach.


Jump higher

When I met my friend we tried to take jump picture because it is not the easiet thing to do. Or more right to say, it is easier to take a jump picture with  cut hand, leg and so on. However, to get a jump picture perfect, with the right colors, frozen and so on, is much harder.

However, my friend has this reallly great and good camera. The camera take clear picture with strong colors. Why can I not have his camera?

Well, the expressen on the face is really funny. The person has 100 % focus on the ground. I remember I thought, I shall not spread every body part and make a harder for my friend to take the photo. I remember when I landed, my back strated to pain, which is not a good sign. Am I getting old to jump or am I doing everything worng?

Today, won’t be so excited day, work from 8-5 and then build the wardrobe from IKEA. This will be fine! Build a wardobe from IKEA, everytime it is a communication, patience practice. So, I hope you will enjoy this lovely sunny sunday more then me.

Simple dinner

Today at work I search around to find some nice recipes. The recipes was all from egg curry, veg and much more.
So, when I finally came home I used the mixer and added eggs, chilli, carrots and much more. Instead of making small omeletts. So, my dinner was more of mincemeat souce wihtout meat. Did I like my dinner?

Yes, it was okay, but needed more spicies. So, next time I can add other vegetables and more heat.

Muffins for the family

Yesterday, My mom and I visted ikea, mio and many other stores to buy storages for me. We found two things, one for the hall and the other one for the main room.
Well, during the week we are going to build the shelf for the main room.
One of the best things which I know, beside gymming is bakinging. So, after a very long day in different stores. I got the time to bake muffins! The muffins are in different sizes, from American forms to small Christmas sweets forms.

What is needed to make the muffins

  • 1 – 1,5 dl of sugger
  • 100 g of butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 2,5 dl of floor
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • barries

First of all add the sugger and the butter in a bowl. Mix the sugger and butter well. Then add one egg at the time and mix beween the eggs. After the eggs, the berries or chocoalte (any flocur adding items have to be added. Also, add the floor, baking soda and mix everything with a spoon.
Use to spoons to but the dough in to the forms. The tempratur in the oven has to be 225 degrees and the time depends on how big the forms are. The medium size forms have to be in the oven for around 15 minutes. While the American muffins forms have to be in the oven for 20-30 minutes. Just in case, check the muffins.

Say hello

The alst 2 days have been heticals. May be not too bad, therefore I should not complain.
Yesterday, I met a friend and we watch a movie, took photos and just had a good summer break day.
Also, my friend has this huge dog. Pretty funny to take photos on him, becasue the dog does not do anything and is a god model!



Yesterday during my walk I passed Kungsträdgården and a red church. Outside the church there is a small tree.
The tree took my attention. So beautiful.