Everything is great


The dress is incredible, the plastic bag is fun and I like the photo. I think the dress is made with great hand work with a lot of details. This dress was the last peace of the designers collection and is a strong dress. I am wondering how he got the idea and creation.
Why can not I be a great designer?

I am really looking forward to see how her future will be.

Dyslexia and languages

Today I went to a meeting to discuss about what sort of support for reading and writing. We agreed to order TorTalk, stavaRex and spellright. Then I asked the speech specialist if it possible to have dyslexia in other languages such as Hindi, Mandarin and Arabic. Those languages do not have the same letters as us, so may be people do not same the issues with dyslexia with the reading or/and spelling.


The photo is from Pune, near to a local college with open area to take a walk. The lady sold different forms of cereal. The lady was so sweet, and in the end I do not think she took over price when I bought it alone.

For example may be the languages which spell the words as the sounds are easier for people with dyslexia. The speech specialist did not have good answer on my question, but said may be people with a good virtual memory has easier to read Mandarin. Also, I got to know, the speech specialist told me they do not recommend any practices for older people due to lack of time and that we have done exercises when we kids. Instead we should get the habits of using the support products in our common life.

I will miss her

Sure, I have not had much time to meet many of my friends during this semester. But, when I met them, I did have a great time. So, next Friday one friend of mine is heading back home to Brazil. It feels so wired to think this time I will see my friends going back home, while for a year ago I was in her situation. Also, I prefer to be the one to move and not the person to stay back and see everyone leaving the place. Who will be left in Stockholm?IMG_8279

Well, I have already finished one of the candies from the box, it was made of pink guava (really sweet and good. This two products in the bottom photo, are a question mark for me. What are they?  One thing is fore sure, the pink thing has a very sweet smell and strong.