Great news

We passed with our thesis, we presented our work yesterday.
before the presentation we were so nervous that we would get questions or hear our work was totally wrong. Instead, we got few questions and what have to be added such as more perspectives. Then everything is done.

You must understand my feeling. For the first time I could really relax in the evening when I met my friend. I have not had this inner calmness for a very long time.

However, beside the work on our thesis during the upcoming week. My summer is already fixed more or less.
I have a job, which requiring me to work twice a week. Then I might work at a summer café. The café was my first job, so it feels good to be there when ever I get time. Then, after midsummer the photo class starts for only 4 days. Also, I do get holiday too which means I won’t be in Stockholm. Instead in Malmö, Småland and in the north.

So, I can not wait to get summer break!


Also, I am so excited for the berry season to start in the North. When, I am up in the north and walk around in the forest to pick blueberries and  raspberries. Then I am in heaven. Sweden is may be one of the most beautifulness countries in the summer.  I am going to miss the summer when I am studying abroad.

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