Guess what this is!


The dish is from Peru and non-veg. On the menu it was written typical street food. Well, the meat is grilled cow stomach with spicy marinate on top is the yellow sauce which I have no idea, because it was not spicy at all served with potatoes. The cow stomach had a interesting texture I must say. A bite of chewing and nothing special.
We said before, we need to try something wired which we have not tried before. The reason was, it is easy to get samosa, hot dogs, and other food which did not feel special. So, when we saw this dish we said okay, let us try this because when will we get the opportunity to order something like this again?

Smaka på stockholm

I really hope you have not missed smaka på Stockholm at kungsträdgården. From today to the 7th of June the event is going on. There are food trucks, restaurants and a lot of people.
My friend and I went there last evening and shared the dishes with each other. So, the first dish was BBQ chicken with baguette, then cow stomach and the final dish was mango lassie. The lassie was amazing, so sweet and tasty, just like in India.
We had a great time and on Sunday I will be there again with a friend, but that time I have to try something else.
May be, heart or a burger or something else hummus. Let see, where there are less people and cue.