Yoga and lunch

Wow, I can not believe how much I have already done and the time is not even 12!
The reason why I mange to correct the last things on the thesis, iron, yoga and organizing my clothes was because I woke up at 5:45 and could not fall a sleep again.
When I woke up my stomach was screaming for food, you might now the feeling when the stomach is so empty and hungry it start to hurt. That was the feeling I woke up with. So, I did not have any other options then get up and eat breakfast.

Well, today for lunch a friend of mine and me are going to Kungsträdgården for lunch. I do not know what I will have this time. First time was BBQ chicken and cow stomach this time I would like to have something else…. Let see. But fore sure mango lassie!

This is the BBQ Chicken we had. The BBQ Chicken was really tasty better then expected. Also, the weather was much nicer then todays’. Well, at least I am going to smaka på Stockholm again, I am so lucky to have great people around me who loves food just like me.

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