From religions to brands

Now, I have been reading a lot of Islam and also somewhat about Hinduism. My mind need to take a step back from all the religious text and ready about something totally opposite of religious and god/gods and become more present. Therefore the latest book is “Fashion brands”. The book is about what is fashion, how do the brands make us ready to buy new clothes for every seasons. I have just started to read the book and about the histrocial chapter how fashion and brands are created. Even if my interests are limited to follow the latest fashion and trends, but on the other side, I am one of the crowd who like to have brands on my bags, tops and much more. But, how come?

“I have two jackets with me, one from Zara and one from Martin Margiela. The Margiela jacket was probably five times the price of the Zara one – but I don’t mind, because I like what Margiela stands for”. This is taken from the book and a fashion journalist has said that. Well, I would say, the journalist is right, we like to wear brands because of the image, stands for and how we feel while wearing the garment. But, how have the brands mange to create this attractiveness, image? Hopefully the book will be able to give some sort of answer on my question.

(I know the book should never lay like this and the cover/back get damage)

“On day, Beene asked the young Albert what he thought of a particular dress. “It’s very commercial,” Elbaz opined. Beene took him gently aside and said “Alber, you must never say a dress Is commercial. you must say it is desirable””. Well, How good is this not? This is from the introduction, and somehow provide even stronger evidence about my earlier opinion about the fashion industry is a crazy game.

In the end, I am looking forward to keep on reading this book, finally. I bought this book last year, but have not open the book till now. However, finally the first 15 pages are done and soon more!

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