Preparing for three days out

Okay, today is Monday I am having my first shift at the café. I have been working there for two years, so I know the environment. However, due to the distance from Stockholm it is much more convene to spend the two nights at the café then travel front and back. On the other side, there is nothing to do after a shift and a bit scary too, because it is a bit lonely. In my case, I have decided to carry with me some books (yes, more then one book). The reason is simple my fashion brands book is soon over, I have only 50 pages more to read. So, my only option is to carry more books with me, also, I do not want to face that the only book I have with me is a boring or bad book. Therefore I bring 2 books with me, in different topics.
First book is about India history and culture. The second book is about liberty and publicly all the famous thinkers/authors shorter texts about what is liberty.


Also, I can not update anything from the place.