Never thought I would complete everything

So my friend to with her a dessert which she made at home. We do not really know where it is from, but who cares when the dessert taste amazing.


I asked what she had added in the class, it was with whip cream, Turkish yogurt, berries (strawberries), mango and on top small chocolate chips. Then it was on layers, one layer with something white and then colorful and then white and so on.
When I saw the glass first I thought I can not finish the whole glass, but I did. The reason was very simple, it was amazing. But what is the name on the dessert? I do not know.


With the dessert we drank coffee from South America and talked a lot, I mean a lot. She is such a sweetheart and I am going to miss her too. Why is everyone leaving Sweden? I do not like it at all….

Last dinner


Yesterday was a great evening. I made reindeer with fresh potatoes.

The reindeer, is made with:
Onion 1
Garlic 1
Mushrooms 8
Reindeer one bag
Cream Fresh with different mushrooms as flavor
juniper berries crushed 5-10
A stock from wild meat
Salt and pepper
First onion with the garlic till they get golden color. Then add the mushrooms and the juniper berries, after some minutes add the reindeer. With till the reindeer is cooked throw to add cream fresh and stock.