I did it

I have had this as an aim to run 1 km in 5 minutes. Therefore, I pressed myself today to run 6 km in 30 minutes. Guess what, I did it. I made it. Freaking awesome feeling. To be able to reach the aim. However, I can say I have to focus on my stomach now, because after 5 km I felt I wanted to quite. The last km was not easy, but I managed it. After the run I took a much slower ran and then powerwalk. So, in total the time on the cardio machine was over 50 minutes. But, it was so worth it. Because, I was able to be at the gym before 8 pm (not normal nowadays).


Tomorrow, my summer course starting, which will be kind of interesting. A photo course, so hopefully I will be able to take better photos after this. Let us hope.

Chocolate balls


A café in Sweden has to have chocolate balls to be able to call them a café. At least, that is what I think. Therefore, at the café I am working at, whenever we get time and has the ingrediance we bake. We bake, chocolate balls, muffins, small cookies and much more. Anything which works well with a cup of coffee. Chocolate balls are so easy to make and take no time. Also, everyone knows how chocolate balls taste like therefore they are safe card.
Therefore, when we bake chocolate balls, we use a whole packaged of oat (1,5 kg) and may be 20 balls…. As you can hear, our chocolate balls are huge.

Midsummer in the rain, just perfect


After many years without midsummer celebration. I have to thank my exchange student and also she is a good friend of mine nowadays. Well, only because of her, we celebrated together. She requested me to show her midsummer. A typical Swedish midsummer, well she got everything, from the food, to the maypole and also the weather. A typical midsummer weather is, rainy, cold and not at all sunny and warm.
Well, Skansen was nice, but a bit crowded with a lot of tourists, on the other side, everyone behaved.
After the maypole we went to have a look on the animals and also on the midsummer market. The market was, but nothing special for us, because they sold honey, jam and so on. However, the time went extremely fast and then the clock was 5 pm and we were cold and tired.