Today is a long day

So, todays’ plan is:

photo class from 9-12 am, then I have to go to the office to take a photo for our cards at 1:33. After the photo I am meeting up a new friend at slussen. We will just go to a café at hang out. Well, then at 5:30-6:30 I have to be at the gym. At the gym, I have booked a bodypump class. After 2 weeks without any bodypumpclass means, I will be very weak. However, I think I will mange the class and sweat a lot.
However, I will look like a bag lady with 2 bags, one is a bigger one from the Golden city and the other one is a small black bag from Longchamp for my camera.
Because of the long day, I have to carry with me the camera, gym clothes, food and water. Like, this going to be long day. But, I can not wait to be in the class room and for the first time after ages learn more in creative subject!


Photo on Stockholm, Well, I really miss the sunny weather and the heat. We have not had sun for 5 days. But, may be today we will get sun!

2 thoughts on “Today is a long day

  1. hopefully you will have some sun soon! I will be in Stockholm every thursday for 15 weeks =)
    I am so happy to come back to this lovely city!


    • That is lovely to hear! Then let us hope you will see stockholm from the best side which is sun and 23 degrees.
      Well, actually we got the sun today. 🙂 Also, I wish you a great thursdays in Stockholm.

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