New homework

So, our teacher said, good photo but the photo could have been even better with the light. Well, yes, of course the photo could have been better. But, in the end when I was alone with the aluminum and the smell of banana pancake, was not easy to control the hunger therefore I manage to take only10-15 photos.
In the end, the photo did turn out better than I thought. However, the teacher recommend me to work more on the light and to move the table more near to the window. On the other side, who has the energy to move a table at 7:45 in the morning to take good photos?.. A kind of stupid question, anyone who is into photography would have moved the table and so on.

Then in the class, we started to use photoshop. I have never used that program before, but to play around was fun. Till the time I needed to call on the teacher to help me to find a setting or so. Also, to work on Mac and not PC is little different and confusing.


This was my dinner yesterday, at that time I tried to use white paper. More or less, chicken, garlic, onion, green pease and mastured seeds.


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