Yesterday during my walk I passed Kungsträdgården and a red church. Outside the church there is a small tree.
The tree took my attention. So beautiful.

Trying picture


Yesterday at the class we practices on panorama photo with and without flash. With the flash we needed to change the settings on the camera, from 1:a light to 2:a light. The reason is 2:a light high light the room in different time.
Then, we tried to take the photo without the light, than we needed to decrease the F to 1/8 or something and focus on our teacher before he started to walk.
I have never done this sort of photos before. Therefore I it was fun, but I am not sure I can do it again.

A part of my Stockholm


So, I went around Stockholm yesterday and asked my self, what is Stockholm. Is it the people, sun. tress and much more. Than I felt, I can not take sneaky pictures on people. On the buildings we have the pretty decorations on many buildings, therefore I thought why can not I take photos on the decorations?
Today, in the class I we are going to do some photoshop.