Jump higher

When I met my friend we tried to take jump picture because it is not the easiet thing to do. Or more right to say, it is easier to take a jump picture with  cut hand, leg and so on. However, to get a jump picture perfect, with the right colors, frozen and so on, is much harder.

However, my friend has this reallly great and good camera. The camera take clear picture with strong colors. Why can I not have his camera?

Well, the expressen on the face is really funny. The person has 100 % focus on the ground. I remember I thought, I shall not spread every body part and make a harder for my friend to take the photo. I remember when I landed, my back strated to pain, which is not a good sign. Am I getting old to jump or am I doing everything worng?

Today, won’t be so excited day, work from 8-5 and then build the wardrobe from IKEA. This will be fine! Build a wardobe from IKEA, everytime it is a communication, patience practice. So, I hope you will enjoy this lovely sunny sunday more then me.