Wow what a treat!


For the first time I had Taiwanese sweet. I would explain the sweet with fatty, sweet and really tasty. If I understood it right, the sweet is made with pineapple, but the sad part is I don’t know the name of the sweet. However, the sweet is home made by the aunt in the family. Also, the aunt is making them and selling this sweets here in Sweden!
May be I should try to find where I can buy the sweets.

Keep on and build it alone

Well, yesterday my dad came over after my work shift finished and I had a quick bite. We started to build the ikea wardrobe. As many people have faced, we got a bit confused where to start what is up and down. However, today when I waked up I started to put the shelfs in the wardrobe, by myself and hang my tops in the wardrobe. On top of that, it was not easy to build some part by myself. This is good practices of read and focus on do everything over again.

More or less what is missing are the doors. But, that my dad has to come over and help. I can not do it by myself.

Chicken and dinner

For some days ago I had Taiwanese dinner at my friends’ home. The funniest thing to have dinner with my friend is while had plat and the other had bowl of rice. Also, the other funny thing is, I used fork and the other used sticks.
But, in the end we all ate at the same speed and spoke.

The dinner was with white asparagus , chicken and green boiled salad. The dinner was amazing. After dinner, we had soup, to fill up the stomach.