One of my many weaknesses is…


All the spices I have collected from Canada, Kazakhstan, India and some countries from South America. Well, I have to confess only salt and pepper do not help to make good and tasty food. There has to be some sort of twist.
Whenever I am cooking chili has to be in my food. However, I have not make the mistake of adding too much chili for sometime now. Instead, too less chili, but better to have to add more while eating than having tears from the food.

I really love mustered seeds, garam masala, and cumin seeds. They are the amazing. Also, sometimes when I am cooking the smell from the maslas are sipping out from my door and out to the stairs… I really hoping none is against my food….

I love spices

what a day

My breakfast is as boring as my plans for today. My breakfast was with oat and apple pieces. My day, is full with laundry hours from 7:20 to 12 am. Then I had in mind to have a fast visit at the gym. But, that might not be possible. The reason is very simple, my knee is hurting at everything step I am taking. So, most likely my knee has to rest. For example during the bodypump I used the same weight for my legs and arms, 3 kg. How depression isn’t?