Muffins for the family

Yesterday, My mom and I visted ikea, mio and many other stores to buy storages for me. We found two things, one for the hall and the other one for the main room.
Well, during the week we are going to build the shelf for the main room.
One of the best things which I know, beside gymming is bakinging. So, after a very long day in different stores. I got the time to bake muffins! The muffins are in different sizes, from American forms to small Christmas sweets forms.

What is needed to make the muffins

  • 1 – 1,5 dl of sugger
  • 100 g of butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 2,5 dl of floor
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • barries

First of all add the sugger and the butter in a bowl. Mix the sugger and butter well. Then add one egg at the time and mix beween the eggs. After the eggs, the berries or chocoalte (any flocur adding items have to be added. Also, add the floor, baking soda and mix everything with a spoon.
Use to spoons to but the dough in to the forms. The tempratur in the oven has to be 225 degrees and the time depends on how big the forms are. The medium size forms have to be in the oven for around 15 minutes. While the American muffins forms have to be in the oven for 20-30 minutes. Just in case, check the muffins.

Say hello

The alst 2 days have been heticals. May be not too bad, therefore I should not complain.
Yesterday, I met a friend and we watch a movie, took photos and just had a good summer break day.
Also, my friend has this huge dog. Pretty funny to take photos on him, becasue the dog does not do anything and is a god model!



Yesterday during my walk I passed Kungsträdgården and a red church. Outside the church there is a small tree.
The tree took my attention. So beautiful.

Trying picture


Yesterday at the class we practices on panorama photo with and without flash. With the flash we needed to change the settings on the camera, from 1:a light to 2:a light. The reason is 2:a light high light the room in different time.
Then, we tried to take the photo without the light, than we needed to decrease the F to 1/8 or something and focus on our teacher before he started to walk.
I have never done this sort of photos before. Therefore I it was fun, but I am not sure I can do it again.

A part of my Stockholm


So, I went around Stockholm yesterday and asked my self, what is Stockholm. Is it the people, sun. tress and much more. Than I felt, I can not take sneaky pictures on people. On the buildings we have the pretty decorations on many buildings, therefore I thought why can not I take photos on the decorations?
Today, in the class I we are going to do some photoshop.


Lunch plate


During the event at Kungsträdgården in the end of May. My family were there too to watch the show. Well, a problem was the food trucks were too less compare to the amount of people. So, in the end my dad and brother stod in a cue for more than an hour to get a plate full with food (see photo). I do not know how the manage to wait to so long. In my case I would have given up and go to Max nexto to Kungsträdgården. However, they were there and during the show, my brother was in the food cue and my dad went to the stage to take photos. Such a lovely family I have. Also, I did request my brother to take a photo on this plate, so he did.

Dinner at home

The new homework is to take 3-5 photos and present “my Stockholm”, but what is my Stockholm. I do not know, yet. Also, I can not say I want to go out to take photos due to the weather.
But what is Stockholm for me?

  • Espresso house
  • My family
  • K25
  • Green
  • Rain
  • Friends
  • My apartment
  • Few people
  • Studies

We are not allowed to take photos on the city hall, because we have seen photos on the City hall too many times.

Yesterday, I met up a friend and we took a walk to Slussen and then headed home to cook and bake.

For dinner we made dumplings (yea, I am very weak for dumplings) then we made rhubarb pie. The rhubarbs for this year are incredible.


I know, the color is not right on the photo, but I can not really change.. But the dough is easy to make.

  •  2 dl floor
  • 100 g of butter
  • 1 tablespoon of suggar

Mix everything with your fingers and then spread the dough over the rhubarbs, appels or anything form of fruits. The oven tempratur is 225 degreese and let the pie be in the oven for 30 mintues.