Smoked meat

So, yesterday evening I visted my parents house. Not only for the really tasty dinner which my mom and made. No, a reason was becuase I got new pants, some help with the math and on top of that it is always nice too meet my parents. As always, the evening turn out to be a bit late.

But, the dinner with smoked reindeer meat and potato salad was amaizing. The meat, has no word to discribe how rich in flavours it had. As a student, I would never pay over 600 kr per KG for meat. No, no and no, it will never happen as long as I am a student.


walk in Stockholm

So, today´s was the oppoiste from the last evenings with a lot of work. Therefore, it felt wired to not have anything to do at 9 pm, 10 pm and even 11 pm. So, instead of getting ready for bed, I decided to take a evening walk around Stockholm. During the walk I found a great band preforming at Drottninggatan. There were a lot of people, standing and listning on the band.
The music was not my cup of tea, but compare to other street music this was good. Really good.
That is the beauty with the summer, people are out and prefroming arts. The total opposite with winter, when everyone is sitting inside and do not want to face the cold weather.


Good morning

Well, yesterday was not a normal day at the office. More right, it was a normal day but due to power cut, the phone rang like crazy. Non-stop with super long cue for 50 minutes.
Also, on my way home, my shoes broke and did I mention they are from India, catwalk. Well what can I expect from Indian quality. Hehe.
Today, has been all about GMAT till now. However, in my learning process in math, the best way from me is to discuss where my calculation went wrong. Therefore, it is a bit hard to study right now, because I make the same mistakes. Or may I ask, what is wrong? Why can I not learn how to calculate right?

Well, now I have to walk to the store to buy proper runner shoes. It is time to get fit once again after a too long break.

Back on track

So, finally I am back to the gym after months without cardio or bodypump due to my knee. However, the bodypump was horrible, my strength has totally disappeared. Everything was heavy, which means at least I know I can improve to same level has I was before or even better. However, the most important is to take it easy and on top of that, tomorrow I have to buy new shoes. Seriously it is time to get new shoes.

Also, today I took two naps before 11. Which mean I have been really tired since arriving from Skåne.

blueberry forest


Is there any better place to be than in a forest and picking berries? May be being at a beach is almost as good as forest. However, this is what I love the most with Swedish summer, to be able to be out in the forest and pick berries or mushrooms. In that way, we are really lucky in Sweden. On the other side, Sweden is extremely unlucky to get good beach weather… More or less, we do not get enought heat in on the land and in the water.

However, blueberry forest are so beautiful with the openness and greenness. Not too bad in my opinion.

From Etienne de La Boétie to Robert Nozick

Books about India is currently on the shelfs and instead the time is all about liberty and classical philosophes and texts. Some texts are well known from well know thinkers or fighters for the freedom of speech, property equal rights and so on. While some other text are written by famous people but the texts are less known.
So the books contain over 20 writers from 1500 to the end of 1900m there are a mixture of John Locke, David Hume, Ayn Rand and John Stuart Mill, Frierdrich Hayek and many, many more. The texts are about freedom but with a big mixture of the topics and the texts are from two pages and up 10-15 pages.
May be the best part is, the book is in Swedish especially with a topic of freedom, the book has to be in Swedish if I should understand better. Therefore, the time to read the book is limited because the surrounding area has to be with less noise. So, most likely this book has the time to finish, but so worth it.


summer with BBQ


This photo is nothing special with, but somehow I like the photo a lot. I do not know why, but there is something. May be because the photo is very much about summer. Everything for a perfect BBQ.
Nothing is fixed on the photo, everything was arrange for a good photo.
I really hope I will soon have BBQ again. But first, work, work and work.

Summer day


While we were in the south of Sweden we made it to a summer party. At the party, we got so much of sweet bakeries, and coffee. During the day, we plaied games women vs. men. Also, the games, we plaied all the basic classic games such as, run with potatoes on the spoons, jump in bags and move water. The whole part wazs a day long and also, very nice.


How lovel is not the cake? Well, in my oppinion the cake was perfect.

On the beach


Swedish summer can be too wired, in a way which mean none can really know, has the summer arrived or not.
For example, we are in the end of July and still it does not feel like the summer heat has arrived or the sun. More or less, we have oly got rain, rain and more rain. However, the weather has did not stop us to have a short visit at the beach.
Even if we were on the beach, most of us did not take a swim in the water. The biggest reason was the temprature was only 13 degrees!!!
However, with a jacket and a blanked around made the beach a perfect place to take a nap. So, I took a nap on the beach. Perfect. Lovely.

Today, we are going to more families and visit. Short and intensive days in Malmö.

In Malmö

So, yesterday was not at all a fun day. The reason was, first of all, I needed to sleep on the sofa at my parents house and the sofa is shorter than me… I came home from work after 11 pm and needed to wake up at 5 am. So, I did not get any nice sleep as you can understand. At 6:30 we all sat in the car to drive to Malmö.
However, a day has passed and I have been studying on GMAT, while the rest are out and walking around in Malmö. I must say, Malmö has a charm. But, nothing to campare with Copenhagen.
Well, soon will my parents be back and may be I am joining them to a coomon friends party. Let see.
If not, I will be here and drink a lot of coffee and getting nuts over the math. Seriously, GMAT is horrible.