I got photoshop

Wow, I can not understand I got photoshop from my brother. This is crazy. However, the program is in English therefore I am a bit lost. On top of that, I do not even know what all the tools stand for and so on. Why is photoshop so hard to use? Or more right to say, why is it hard to start using all the tools right?

Well, on the other side, now I can start to play around with my photos, if I learn how photoshop works better and translate the englsih words to swedish.

The photo is taken for some weeks ago. I thpught it was funny to see all the people standing in Kungsträdgården and taking photos on the flowers.

A new bag

This bag is not new in one way but in another way the bag is new. When I was in India for a whole year, we went to Ritu Kumar, which I think more or less everyone knows the brand is one of my favorite brands. So, when we were in the store I saw this lovely thing and got the bag with me home.

However, a bag which is on a shelf does not make anyone happy. But, I have not found a good time to use the bag till now.
Today, with a summer temperature over 20 degrees and sunny is perfect weather to use the bag. Also, tonight my friend and I are going to watch a movie after dinner at my place. We are going to see minions!
I wish you all a nice evening!

I am alive

Yesterday was an extremely warm day. Especially for us at the café. We worked from 10 am to 10:20 pm, more or less standing and walking for more than 11 hours out of the 12 hours. However, this is only a summer job and this has become a part of a typical summer for me.


On the other side, when we finally could sit down, the sun was too warm for me and there was no wind either! Horrible. But, lovely place to sit and enjoy a banana split or our famous shrimp towers. Tomorrow I am heading back to the café. Let see how many customers are coming.