Already my 5th or 6th cup

Good morning!
I hope you had a nice sleep, which I did not really got, I woke up servel times and dreamed wired dreams. One of the dreams was about Bollywood and the next one was about GMAT. As you can hear, my dreams were totally mixed up.
A reason for the GMAT dream was because I spoke with a friend about GMAT and I am feeling stressed out already for the upcoming exam day.

However, I have had so many cups of tea and the clock has not passed 10 am… what is the sign? I am teaholic? So, now mind went for coffee and at least this is my first cup of coffee. Whenever coffee is being make at my home, there are some spices with the coffee. I do not add chili or garama masla. No, mostly cardamom or/with cinnamon. However, today I made a twist, instead of cardamom my coffee was with cinnamon and ginger powder. The flavor is good.
So, now my coffee will have three different spices to be mixed with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. What more can be added to coffee? Cacao powder and coffee is a winning concept (I have already tried it).

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