The white tigher

Sometimes a reader need an easy going book. A book which make the reader laugh and not to worry about misunderstand the book. More or less, a book which is possible to read at the metro or before falling asleep. Therefore, after weeks with heavier books I am glad my chose to read the white tiger instead of novels about liberty in Swedish.


“White tiger a novel” is easy written about India´s big problems such as corruptions, populations and much more. But, instead of mention the problems with only of darkness the author has corporate India’s challenges with humor. The reader read a person’s letters to Chinas prime ministers and about the writer´s life and his experiences. From the writer´s childhood how he needed to stop going to school and instead start working. How he manage to become a driver while his surname indicate he belongs to sweet maker caste, or how he needed to take the blame for killing a homeless person while it was the ma’am who killed the child. While the reader read about the problems every now and then a laugh is slipped out.
In my case, I really like this book, because this is my second time I am reading the book. But, the first time was in high school so maybe it does not count…

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