Back to Stockholm

I had such a lovely weekend away from Stockholm, from Tuesday to Thursday. Instead of being in Stockholm with my grandparents and I went to they summer house. It turn out they have had the house for 50 years! 50 whole years, is it crazy? Well, I did have my computer, phone and camera with me, but at the same time, kept a distance from the world around me.
We had great weather and made some work in the garden and the best part manage to be in the forest for some hours. Every evening I took a walk to the forest and picked some mushrooms and blueberries. All by myself in the forest is a big step for me. But, wow, what a feeling, to be a part of the nature. I love, love and love it too much.
So, now, I am sitting with 3 liters of mushrooms and a bucket with bluebarries and do not really know what to do with all… Must likel my parents will get a the mushrooms ans I will be making jam…
Let see. But I am back in Stockholm!