summer with BBQ


This photo is nothing special with, but somehow I like the photo a lot. I do not know why, but there is something. May be because the photo is very much about summer. Everything for a perfect BBQ.
Nothing is fixed on the photo, everything was arrange for a good photo.
I really hope I will soon have BBQ again. But first, work, work and work.

Summer day


While we were in the south of Sweden we made it to a summer party. At the party, we got so much of sweet bakeries, and coffee. During the day, we plaied games women vs. men. Also, the games, we plaied all the basic classic games such as, run with potatoes on the spoons, jump in bags and move water. The whole part wazs a day long and also, very nice.


How lovel is not the cake? Well, in my oppinion the cake was perfect.