walk in Stockholm

So, today┬┤s was the oppoiste from the last evenings with a lot of work. Therefore, it felt wired to not have anything to do at 9 pm, 10 pm and even 11 pm. So, instead of getting ready for bed, I decided to take a evening walk around Stockholm. During the walk I found a great band preforming at Drottninggatan. There were a lot of people, standing and listning on the band.
The music was not my cup of tea, but compare to other street music this was good. Really good.
That is the beauty with the summer, people are out and prefroming arts. The total opposite with winter, when everyone is sitting inside and do not want to face the cold weather.


Good morning

Well, yesterday was not a normal day at the office. More right, it was a normal day but due to power cut, the phone rang like crazy. Non-stop with super long cue for 50 minutes.
Also, on my way home, my shoes broke and did I mention they are from India, catwalk. Well what can I expect from Indian quality. Hehe.
Today, has been all about GMAT till now. However, in my learning process in math, the best way from me is to discuss where my calculation went wrong. Therefore, it is a bit hard to study right now, because I make the same mistakes. Or may I ask, what is wrong? Why can I not learn how to calculate right?

Well, now I have to walk to the store to buy proper runner shoes. It is time to get fit once again after a too long break.