Summer day


While we were in the south of Sweden we made it to a summer party. At the party, we got so much of sweet bakeries, and coffee. During the day, we plaied games women vs. men. Also, the games, we plaied all the basic classic games such as, run with potatoes on the spoons, jump in bags and move water. The whole part wazs a day long and also, very nice.


How lovel is not the cake? Well, in my oppinion the cake was perfect.

On the beach


Swedish summer can be too wired, in a way which mean none can really know, has the summer arrived or not.
For example, we are in the end of July and still it does not feel like the summer heat has arrived or the sun. More or less, we have oly got rain, rain and more rain. However, the weather has did not stop us to have a short visit at the beach.
Even if we were on the beach, most of us did not take a swim in the water. The biggest reason was the temprature was only 13 degrees!!!
However, with a jacket and a blanked around made the beach a perfect place to take a nap. So, I took a nap on the beach. Perfect. Lovely.

Today, we are going to more families and visit. Short and intensive days in Malmö.

In Malmö

So, yesterday was not at all a fun day. The reason was, first of all, I needed to sleep on the sofa at my parents house and the sofa is shorter than me… I came home from work after 11 pm and needed to wake up at 5 am. So, I did not get any nice sleep as you can understand. At 6:30 we all sat in the car to drive to Malmö.
However, a day has passed and I have been studying on GMAT, while the rest are out and walking around in Malmö. I must say, Malmö has a charm. But, nothing to campare with Copenhagen.
Well, soon will my parents be back and may be I am joining them to a coomon friends party. Let see.
If not, I will be here and drink a lot of coffee and getting nuts over the math. Seriously, GMAT is horrible.


Homemade jam

So, yesterday was the day I made for the very first time my very own jam of blueberry. Yes, I made jam alone.
It was a fun thing to do and I want to do it agian.
However, there are so many differnet recipes for jam. More or less a big sea. I read different recipes and ended up to make my own with how many DL of berries and sugar.
So, in the first patch was with 15 dl of berries and 5 dl of sugar.

Emma Grön

So on the way to the summer house we made a stop at Emma Grön. This place make amazing dishes with fresh vegetables and lovely decorations. The resturant is not big but has enough space for the customers. The chef is from Germany and make this food amazing.
The place is always clean and orginzed well.

Salmon with fresh new potatoes. WOW, I can not explain how good the food was. This make me wanna try to make salmon by myself one day. One day I have to try.

Back to Stockholm

I had such a lovely weekend away from Stockholm, from Tuesday to Thursday. Instead of being in Stockholm with my grandparents and I went to they summer house. It turn out they have had the house for 50 years! 50 whole years, is it crazy? Well, I did have my computer, phone and camera with me, but at the same time, kept a distance from the world around me.
We had great weather and made some work in the garden and the best part manage to be in the forest for some hours. Every evening I took a walk to the forest and picked some mushrooms and blueberries. All by myself in the forest is a big step for me. But, wow, what a feeling, to be a part of the nature. I love, love and love it too much.
So, now, I am sitting with 3 liters of mushrooms and a bucket with bluebarries and do not really know what to do with all… Must likel my parents will get a the mushrooms ans I will be making jam…
Let see. But I am back in Stockholm!

Breakfast tortilla


Today I am going on holiday, for three days, which feels amazing. Finally holiday since December.
However, this means I have to empty some things in my kitchen. Therefore, todays breakfast was tortilla, liver paste, salad and on top of that tomato. I have never had this sort of breakfast and wow, it did taste good. Lovely. may be I will do this again for brunch sort of way.