Good morning!


I am really tired, not becasue I have been study the whole night. No, the reason is very simple, I have been out with friends. I can not say I like to walk back home from the metro and meet all the party people. It is so hard to know what will the person do, may be he/she is harmless but sometimes they are not.

Therefore, I needed to see a bright photo on one of my favourite animal, cows. Are not they too sweet with big brown eyes? I am melting while looking on the photo. THey are may be one of the sweeties animals I know. If it was possible I would love to have a mini cow, like minipigs but cow. How cool would not that be? But, there would be a problem with having a mini cow, the food and daily walks…. Haha
I hope you will have a nice Sunday!

Night out in Stockholm

I am so lucky that I met my friend for servel years ago at a sketching evening class. We met when we were in 9th standard. So I have almost known her for 10 years. So, this is her last week in Stockholm before she goes back to Italy. Therefore, we met today and went out to a local place. We did not know what was on the time table. But, we got to know there was live music, a swedish artis. What is sad is I do knot her name. But her voice was clear and good. Really good to be live.


Freaking tired

I have do not have anyone to blame on beside on myself. My body is tried, I can feel that every part of my body need a break from all the workout. Therefore, I am going for 45 min yoga to let my body stretch out. However, my college is soon starting and the first course is business law, so in the last days I have run around to get the 6 books from different people (really, I do not want to buy new books only the law book, second hand from 2014 costed 500 kr).


Therefore, my morning has only been to my books, I have read, and read chappers about law. Also, I can feel this sort of reading is not the same as hobby reading, college reading requst so much more and make me very tired. MTM e-book do not either work right now… So I have no other options then to read over 20 chapters about law before college start.

The best time at the gym

Today after work I visited the gym. I do not know, but there is something I really prefere gyming at the night then during the day. I do not know why, but may be it is because I feel gymming in the night is more relaxing. Normally at the night we are 2-3 people. So, the gym is very calm and it is possible to be relax to 100 %. However, the less great time is after the gym I am not feeling tired for some hours. On the other side, I can most likely sleep some hour tomorrow. I love, love gyming in the night. If it possible you should try that too.


However, may be the walk from the gym to home is not that great. At 00 there are many party people out which are there and think they role the street and also it is hard to know what the person might do. But so far nothing has happened, beside people are looking at you with the gym shoes in the hands and started speaking with me….

My type of dal

I do not have the energy to cook good food everyday. Who has the energy? Therefore I really like to be able to prepare 3-4 food boxes with food which mean I am saving a lot of time during the week. Also, the best part, I do not need to eat unhealthy food or half brand. But, it take time to prepare and cook better food. But, may be I should spend more time to cook good food then buy half already made.

Therefore, I am pleased to say I made dal, it is so simple to make wth a pressure cooker. I think that is one of the best things I got with me from India. Beside the need to fry the spices and onions the lential can easily be added with water and boile after three puffs it is done. Simple.

So, my lential mix for today was with green lential (they do not break that easily compare with the red one). two onions, 2 garlics, 1 red chilli, mustard seeds, coriander, ginger poweder (I do not have fresh one at home).


Somehow I miss the mess daal, it was the best thing they could make. 2-3 bowls of dal and chapati and talking to friends. Yes, what a great time we had.

Sometimes mail and whatsapp are not enough

So, today I found my old paper for the old fashion way to send notes on. The basic paper. To write a letter on paper is more personal then a mail. Something has to be written by hand. Nothng can be compare with a old fashion hand written letter with whatsapp. Whatsapp is good to way to stay in touch with friends all around the world. However, sometimes there is a need to write a letter.
Therefore, I used my special paper and envelope from Italy. I bought it in 2003/4 and have almost never used it, beside for very speical letters. This time, I am writing to my dear friend. I hope she will get the letter and the indian postman won’t lose my letter to my friend.

_MG_9133 _MG_9134

As you can see, the paper is in better quality then then common one. The envelope is decorated with bright colors and flowers. The paper inside the envelope has the same decoration. Also, you can understand this was not cheap to buy in 2003/4, over 15 euro for 10 envelopes. But, have you seen anything like this before? I have not, and really glad to have special envelope for special letter.

I am keeping my fingers crossed

I do not know, how can something that smalll carrying so much horrible things. How? Is it not enough with getting a bite and itching part. No, not at all. Instead some people have the risks to get malaria and dengue fever. Thank god we in sweden do not need to worry about malaria or dengue fever. Dengue fever is the worst sickness of them, 25 % risk to die.
So, I hope none you know is getting dengue fever. There are so many stories I ahve heard from family friends and college friends about people who died of dengue fever. Somethings are not to joke around and one of them is the risk with mosquitos.
Good night


Sometimes, it feels good to keep on walking and not knowing were the road is taking you. So in the end you just need to follow is your inner feelings.

My body is dead

OMG I have no words to explain the pain I am going to feel tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. The thing is, I am going to the gym every day, but most of the time 6 out 7 times I am on the cardio. That is what I do, cardio. The reason is very simple, I can walk/run for ever more or less. The feeling to keep on and never stop feels so good. While weight… Is more kill me, I want the pain to get over. Also, I have lost everything I got in Inida, therefore it is not that fun to see how weak I am nowadays.
On the other side, I am very happy. Gym is my meditation. I can not not be without the gym, it does not matter what time it is I can be at the gym at 6 in the morning, 3 pm, 10 pm or at 1 am. It does not matter, because the gym makes me happy and feel good.

Monday once again

So, currently I do not really ahe a life. All I do is studying and my studies is going up and down. From understanding the question and getting the right answer to sitting and staring at the question without knowing were to begin with. As you can understand this is not fun at all. I want to be done with this and focus on other things. But, the situations is going to stay like this till the end of November… Great… Already now it feels like I am going to fail becasue next week my college is starting and the first course is law.

On the other side, I do give myself time to go to the gym at anytime during the week. For example, last weekend I was at the gym from 11-00 pm. It is so empty and calm.

Sorry, but I ahve to get back to my books.