Todays’ plan

We are going for fishing and trying our luck to get a fish. But, if I not too negative, my doubs are very high. Due to pass experiences with fishings with very low pay off with fishes.
However, fishing can be very nice and relaxing if the company is good and my company is with great people. After the fishing we are going to a resturant located at Glen. The resturant is own by sami.
Well, I can only say, this will be a good day!


Up in the north

The best strawberries are the one from Jämtland. They are the sweetest, tastiest and the biggest berries. It is possible to eat the berries with milk, cream or ice cream, but I would say the best way is to eat as they are.


A funny thing is I tried to take photo on the berries without reflex from the light, but the photo got too much shadows. So, the photo above is with light reflex and the photo under is without. major differences. Also, I could not control to not try a berry while fixing the light… Oops…