reindeer heart and elk nose

A restaurant located at nowhere in the mounting area have got white wine diploma for three years in road. The restaurant is using local products and is very famous for the food. Normally, the customers need to call in advance to book a table and the dishes. This restaurant can take up to around 24 people and very calm, relaxing and fresh in Glen which is in a Sami area. The nature is incredible and breathe taking, in my opinion.

Well, we all had a great meal at the restaurant and I must say the dish I ordered was the weirdest dish I have ever tried before, but also very tasty.
The dish was made of reindeer heart and on the very top the dish had elk nose. Yes, elk nose meat, I have never tried that meat before. The meat was nothing which I thought, in my mind I thought the nose meat would be hard and not that juicy but I could not have been more wrong. The meat, was rich in flavor, soft and juicy, may be the best part of the whole elk!

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