Sometimes mail and whatsapp are not enough

So, today I found my old paper for the old fashion way to send notes on. The basic paper. To write a letter on paper is more personal then a mail. Something has to be written by hand. Nothng can be compare with a old fashion hand written letter with whatsapp. Whatsapp is good to way to stay in touch with friends all around the world. However, sometimes there is a need to write a letter.
Therefore, I used my special paper and envelope from Italy. I bought it in 2003/4 and have almost never used it, beside for very speical letters. This time, I am writing to my dear friend. I hope she will get the letter and the indian postman won’t lose my letter to my friend.

_MG_9133 _MG_9134

As you can see, the paper is in better quality then then common one. The envelope is decorated with bright colors and flowers. The paper inside the envelope has the same decoration. Also, you can understand this was not cheap to buy in 2003/4, over 15 euro for 10 envelopes. But, have you seen anything like this before? I have not, and really glad to have special envelope for special letter.

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