Freaking tired

I have do not have anyone to blame on beside on myself. My body is tried, I can feel that every part of my body need a break from all the workout. Therefore, I am going for 45 min yoga to let my body stretch out. However, my college is soon starting and the first course is business law, so in the last days I have run around to get the 6 books from different people (really, I do not want to buy new books only the law book, second hand from 2014 costed 500 kr).


Therefore, my morning has only been to my books, I have read, and read chappers about law. Also, I can feel this sort of reading is not the same as hobby reading, college reading requst so much more and make me very tired. MTM e-book do not either work right now… So I have no other options then to read over 20 chapters about law before college start.