I am keeping my fingers crossed

I do not know, how can something that smalll carrying so much horrible things. How? Is it not enough with getting a bite and itching part. No, not at all. Instead some people have the risks to get malaria and dengue fever. Thank god we in sweden do not need to worry about malaria or dengue fever. Dengue fever is the worst sickness of them, 25 % risk to die.
So, I hope none you know is getting dengue fever. There are so many stories I ahve heard from family friends and college friends about people who died of dengue fever. Somethings are not to joke around and one of them is the risk with mosquitos.
Good night


Sometimes, it feels good to keep on walking and not knowing were the road is taking you. So in the end you just need to follow is your inner feelings.

My body is dead

OMG I have no words to explain the pain I am going to feel tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. The thing is, I am going to the gym every day, but most of the time 6 out 7 times I am on the cardio. That is what I do, cardio. The reason is very simple, I can walk/run for ever more or less. The feeling to keep on and never stop feels so good. While weight… Is more kill me, I want the pain to get over. Also, I have lost everything I got in Inida, therefore it is not that fun to see how weak I am nowadays.
On the other side, I am very happy. Gym is my meditation. I can not not be without the gym, it does not matter what time it is I can be at the gym at 6 in the morning, 3 pm, 10 pm or at 1 am. It does not matter, because the gym makes me happy and feel good.

Monday once again

So, currently I do not really ahe a life. All I do is studying and my studies is going up and down. From understanding the question and getting the right answer to sitting and staring at the question without knowing were to begin with. As you can understand this is not fun at all. I want to be done with this and focus on other things. But, the situations is going to stay like this till the end of November… Great… Already now it feels like I am going to fail becasue next week my college is starting and the first course is law.

On the other side, I do give myself time to go to the gym at anytime during the week. For example, last weekend I was at the gym from 11-00 pm. It is so empty and calm.

Sorry, but I ahve to get back to my books.


I am here and there

So, today I have to work from 4-10 pm and after the work I am planing to visit the gym for a work out. The reason is very simple is during the day time I have to study. During the last days’s have only been about studies and gym. However, I hope, really hope, I will manage the upcoming semester with studies and the big big GMAT.

good for them who drink


In Klövsjö, near Vemdalen has a micro brewery with homemade beer. The beer does not sell in Systembolaget, due to the rules. However, the owner of KGB sells to local places such as Storhogna hotel and other places. Well, I have not tried KGB becasue I do not drink, but from other people the beer is good. The owner has givien the names on the beers after agents which are not very well known, at least for me. So, every beer has the own story which is very nice to hear listen to.
Also, KBG has the a restaurant with local food from Jämtland. The thing with the restaurant the guests need to order in advance.

Money making and upcoming collapse

During the last days I have been reading this book about bond market. May be the topic does not intreset so many, but, it is an important topic and many people have an opinion about government and the reserv bank rolls are. This books has a negative and ironic tune to anything about controlling the market. Also, in my opinion the market shoud not be controll by politics and reserv bank, ie riksbanken in Sweden. Becasue the market has to clean up non-profit companies, recover from good years and for god sake governments have to understand keyne theory has hugh problems. For example, how much money does the government need to put in to the market to create job? When shall the “project” stop? Just look on Japan and see how well the keynes´theory has helped them… More right, the programs have not helped them at all, and instead created bigger problems.
Well, this book is all about US and about the the upcoming problems with the nonstop money making programs and the major debt the government has. Becasue, at any point US has to face the debt and pay back to ie China and Japan.

The book is easy to read, with good examples so it is easier to everyone to understand the digging and filling programs are not working in the long run, because in the end that sort of programs do not increase the GDP. I would say, this is a book to read while having a break from the philosophers I am currently reading too.

outdoor movie

Yesterday, my friend and I went to a outdoor movie. The movie was the last one during stockholm filmfestival. However, my friend and I gave up on the movie after 30 minutes. Due, to bad volume, and coldness. May be we were not prepared for the coldness but when it is almost impossible to hear the voices so it would not be fun to stay.
On the other side, I am not at all upset due to the movie, because after a long time we finaly met!