It has not been a good summer


While being up in the north for picking berries, we reliced how bad the spring and the summer have been for the season. However, the season has not stoped us from trying to find the good colden berries which is so expensive and the taste is not that great either. So, what to do? the only option is to get dress after the weather and have enough food in the bag due to long days in the forests.

stew or soup who knows?

So, for some weeks ago I had this amazing meat soup with my grandsparents and could not stop thinking about the dish. Therefore, I decided to cook the dish today, while I needed to do huge grocery shopping.
I really liked the soup, however due to the hugh amount of meat, I could not follow the recipe to 100 %.

I used:

1 kg meat,
5-10 new potatoes 2 carrots
2 onions
2 red pepper

cut everything in small pices. Put the greens and the meat in the pan and fry. When everything are fried add the tomatoes, stocks and everything else. Let it boild for some time and then it is tasty and read to eat.


Back from holiday

Well, to leave home feels always good to get a break from the normal life and be able to enjoy something different. In my case, a holiday up in the north is not at all new, I have done that since I was a kid. However, it is not everyday I can be out in the forest and pick berries till I start dream about berries in the night.
However, yesterday was a typical summer day. That means, being out in the forest for the whole day, become too tired to think and dinner at home. After the dinner it was time to make jam till 1 am. I made blueberry jam on 4-5 kg blueberries and my parents made jam on our cloudberries. Moveover, at 5 am the alarm rang to wake us up for the bus to stockholm.
Now, I am back home and unpacking, feeling pleased with the passed week. But, it is always good to be back home, in my own flat.

buffe with cheese!

Yes, that is true, a buffe with only cheeses! Is it possible to get anything better then cheese? In my opinion it is impossible. The cheese is everything from creamy to strong mouth killing cheese. Therefore, perfect for everybody. On top of that, the price include something to drink such as soft drink to stronger and after coffee or tea with an other table with cookies. Heaven for a unhealthy people. (i am one of them sometimes, however this visit I skiped the buffe and only had a cup of coffee). But, still I am enjoying the place.
_MG_9109 _MG_9108

The buffe is run by Kullens gårdsmejeri in Klövsjö. One of the must to visit while bing up in the north. Best cheese, ever. I am in love with this place.

reindeer heart and elk nose

A restaurant located at nowhere in the mounting area have got white wine diploma for three years in road. The restaurant is using local products and is very famous for the food. Normally, the customers need to call in advance to book a table and the dishes. This restaurant can take up to around 24 people and very calm, relaxing and fresh in Glen which is in a Sami area. The nature is incredible and breathe taking, in my opinion.

Well, we all had a great meal at the restaurant and I must say the dish I ordered was the weirdest dish I have ever tried before, but also very tasty.
The dish was made of reindeer heart and on the very top the dish had elk nose. Yes, elk nose meat, I have never tried that meat before. The meat was nothing which I thought, in my mind I thought the nose meat would be hard and not that juicy but I could not have been more wrong. The meat, was rich in flavor, soft and juicy, may be the best part of the whole elk!

Todays’ plan

We are going for fishing and trying our luck to get a fish. But, if I not too negative, my doubs are very high. Due to pass experiences with fishings with very low pay off with fishes.
However, fishing can be very nice and relaxing if the company is good and my company is with great people. After the fishing we are going to a resturant located at Glen. The resturant is own by sami.
Well, I can only say, this will be a good day!