Up in the north

The best strawberries are the one from Jämtland. They are the sweetest, tastiest and the biggest berries. It is possible to eat the berries with milk, cream or ice cream, but I would say the best way is to eat as they are.


A funny thing is I tried to take photo on the berries without reflex from the light, but the photo got too much shadows. So, the photo above is with light reflex and the photo under is without. major differences. Also, I could not control to not try a berry while fixing the light… Oops…


Done with packing

Right now the packing is almost done. There are only few things to be packed down such as, bikini just in case we are going to Storhogna. Also, I am a bit worried that I do not have enough cloth with me for cloder weather.

Last things are books, some books from library about finance.

One day left

One day less, more right 24 hours for the bus and me to leave Stockholm.

Well, I am so excited to leave Stockholm and still the bag is not packed. Nothing is packed. Not yet and normally when I am traveling with plane my bag is packed a week before the departure day… Totally opposite with a bus journey. Therefore, after my job I have to pack the bag… Sight, what do I need to bring? I have not been up to the north since last summer. The time passing by way too fast.


So, some simple t-shirts for the forest and some little bit more dressed up for the restaurants visits. But let see what I need to pack. One thing is for sure, no high heels!

Indian dinner out

Yesterday evening my friend and me went out for dinner. We had the common problem of decided what to order. The biggest problem in my case is I know how the dish taste in India but not in Sweden.

However, I decided to order sheekh kebab, that really tasty meat. Did, I like the dish? Yea, but still I am missing the resturant marrakech  in pune.

_MG_8911 _MG_8912

The wired part is, all the salad on the meat, also, the sauce. Normally the sauce is mint and not the same as masala chicken. Strange.

Last days

Well, I have not been in a good mood to write anything here. More or less, nothing is really happning. Same story everyday. Studies, getting irritated on the math, gym and work. Nothing else, beside I am counting down for my last holiday before college starts again in September.
There are only two more days left with work and more studies before holiday. Therefore, I am on my second project of empty the the kitchen of food. So far it has turn ot good, however, as always I am running out of milk and fruits…