Home sick after 1,5 years

Kelwan 409Once again home sickness hit me more badly than ever. I have been standing in a crossroad.
After arriving 2011 my home sickness has hit me at least once a year. Either for semester or studies. The thing is in India I have my families and friends and on top of the culture.
Right now, I am stuck in a bad home sickness and feeling it is time to travel back and meet my families. There is a big BUT, college is over on January and hopefully I will be back home which mean I have to wait for 4 more month to meet them. May be Bollywood is not the greatest thing to see while being home sick…
I love you so much.

Say what

I might have not done the best decsion yesterday. Even yesterday I was kind of low, or a lot. My body was cold and I think I drank 5 cups of tea with honey. Yes I beleive tea and honey helps, it must. Even when I felt very cold and low with energy my body called me to go to the gym. So, the only option I had was to go to the gym and did a easy work out. A power walk for 40 min, to get the energy out of my body. The machine was moved up and down while I did my power walk (not a good sign). Also, when I came back home I could not fall alseep before 11:30-00 pm… What is wrong?

Moreover, today I am feeling much better all becuase of tea, honey and the gym. Also today I think I can visit my parents after college to get some proper food. It is a nightmare to cook dinner and lunch while being sick. My dinner did not turn out that good (too much chilli).


Homesick and sick, perfect combo

Yesterday was not that great day.
To be sick and have to make your own dinner is horrible. To stand up and cook while cooking you sip tea from a huge cup which by the way feels 10 times more heavier than normal.

As you can hear, yesterday was not that great day. Every now and than I make this small stupid things and I did a stupid thing yesterday.
Instead of watching a Hollywood movie I decided to watch two Bollywood movies. After the first movie I was kind of home sick but after the second moive was a bit too much.

The second movie was an other girl movie. Yea, I kind of liking girl movies, they have everything humour, love, and drama without fight and so on. The name of the movie was Wake up Sid.
I must say it is a good movie a bit cheesy. However the best part is there is no kiss or sex scene, becasue that is something I hate with Hollywood movies all the kissing and sex scenes in a movie. Really I do not want to see that sort of scenes.

The movie is about a guy Sid who is trying to figure out what he want to do after college. Sid is spoild and have never needed to lift a finger in the house. Than at the farwell party he meet a girl Aisha who is new in Mumbai.

In Bollywood mood

No gym for me today, instead I decided to take it easy and drink a lot of tea. The tea is to keep me warm because I am feeling very cold and my head is heavy.
So, instead of the gym I started to watch a bollywood movie. Yes, and this one is also a very girl movie. THe name of the movie is Luv ka the end, all is about girl power.
The movie is a bit stupid however, the movie makes me happy and easy to watch. May be the movie is a good movie when I am sick and tired. Also, this is a movie which is possible to watch for any age.

Skärmbild (17)

Oh no

Oh yes, it is the season of sickness…. I have felt how the cold has arrived in my body. The throat is hurting and coughing. How will I be able to  work out tomorrow evening if I am like this now? Damn fall. Not only the weather is getting worst for every day and now I have to be sick…. Not okay

Dreaming away

In the evening i started to walk around Stockholm, but I could not manage more than 1 hours of walk. So, instead I went home and now I am watching one of the better Bollywood movies I know. The movie is pure girl movie and very easy going and a lot of bollywood.

Well, while wathcing this movie it makes me miss India like crazy. I miss India more and more, I should soon visit India again.


A call

Out of no way I got a call yesterday from my family if I wanted to meet them up for dinner. They called me at the right time, becasue I was on the way to prepare dinner for me. So it ended up I needed to take a fast shower, change clothes, put on some make up in 5 minutes. I managed.
We went to Aubergine on Linnégatan. The food was very good and very popular place have dinner at.
My dish was fish and it was very bif portion, but good. So, if I can I would like to visit Aubergine once again.


Today is a really nice day, the sun is up and I have been to the gym for bodybalance.
Therefore, with the gym being done and the only thing I have left to do till the evening are studies… Hopefully I have something fun to do in the evning, maybe I will make jam, let see.
Also, I have spoke with parents about my education I think I have an idea about what I will do. I thought I was going to India for my MBA, but I think my master is going to take place here in Sweden. However, that does not stop me to study something abroad after my master!

Good morning!

I have been thinking about sleeping habits.
For the last weeks I have more or less got 6 hours sleep, I know in the long run it is too less. But, at the same time. During the week I fell asleep at 00 or later and my alarm clock rings at 6 am (every day). So yesterday, I fell alseep before 00 might say 1130/45 and than I woked up at 4:30 am and fell asleep again at 5:15… So may be I have got the habit to sleep around 6 hours and if I sleep more my body become slow and sleepy? Is that possible?


Well, since 6.30 till now 8 am I have been studying GMAT, it takes time because of my mistakes on some questions. On top of that, I have to study law too…

Sweets at my parents house

Everytime I am at my parents house they ahve some new sweets on the table. The sweets can be all sort, cookies, candies. On top of that, the sweets are not always things which we can get in Sweden. For example, this sweet from Shanghai was very wired, the taste was a bit of rice but at the same time not. THe texture was soft and sticky somehow. As you can hear that sort of sweet was not my cup of tea. However, I love, just love when they have chocolate from well known chocoalte countries hahaha.

Well, time to keep on study (listen on this book about government and law, good to know and that is it)


No I not only for the sweets…