A great thing with Whatsapp

Becasue of many of my friends are not in Sweden and it is impossible to call them all the time. I am really glad to have whatsapp. Not only because of the easy why to send text but also picture’s. My friends and me are changing picture sometimes and I trully love to see how other countries are looking. For example, I get photos from India (well, surprise, surprise…), Hong Kong, Saudi and other more from India. How great is it? I love that.



This two photos are taken in Hong Kong. I do not know what to say beside, this is nothing like Stockholm. If I ever wnat to visit Hong Kong I have to have friend living there, but I do not want to visit Hong Kong alone, without knowing anyone there. The reason is very simple, Hong Kong is too different from Stockholm.

Family from Canad is here

Yes it was more than a year ago since I met some of family from Canada, however, they are finally here and visitng us. So freaking awesome. I can not belive how fast the time passing by. But, it was great to meet them all after so long time. We had dinner at my grandparents house. I really hoping to meet them again and very soon.
Also, they had some great gifts from Canada. I will show the gifts later.

However, today is a horrible day to be outside, it has been non-stop rain. So, I wish I did not need to leave my flat, but sadly I have to.

Think to have a croissant with jam, or ham and some salad and a glass of milk. LOVE that idea.