application time

Wow, so much work to do. I do not know where to start sometimes.
Should I write my personal letter, statment or search more? What is the most important part to high light? What does the university want? Is my IELTS too old? What will my marks be in the end? WIll I be able to leave Stockholm in the end? Where will my master bring me? Sometimes, it is better to not to think about everything and just focus on one part. That part is right now to write my letter. I have to get it done and after the letter, to collect all the other documents.

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But, may be the big deal is what is the price for the education. The price can include so much more than money. If I go aborad, which I have been dreaming about for sometime now. What is the price for my education. I mean, what is price in job opertunity, happines, relationship with family and friends, culture also language. What will I gain with the MBA from this country compare to the other country. There are so many things depending on two years of MBA studies. I have been thinking and rethinking what is the best solution. The best solution is may be is to follow my feelings. Also, to never forget to look forward instead of backward. When the docment is online, the application fees is paid, I have no way else than to go. The only option is to keep on walking.


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