A new me?

Well, is it sometimes wirde that we carrying around a thought that we have changed so much over the past years and are not the same person anymore. That the mind has changde, the body and personality more. But than in the end, how much have we changde?
I do not think people can change dramatical over years, (beside if the person has in a accident and the brain got damange). Moreover, in normal case, people do not change that much, becasue our foundamental ground is develop over servel years and to change that is more or less impossible. Even by force from external enviornment can only change how we act, but our internal thoughts and beleives can not change by force.


The reason I am writing this is very simple, I have met many old friends now and somehow, I do not think we have not change that much. We have may be develope to take different roads, but the basics are the same.We have more or less same humor, talk in the same way.

Also, I thought I had changde a lot, but I do not think so anymore and may be it is for the best? Yes, I know what I want more clear now than before, I know more about myself than before, but that is not change that is development.


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