I found a really nice surprise

For some days ago I did a google search from Namaste Stockholm, because I wanted to see if I could find some photos from the fashion show. The desginers are amazing talent and great friends. However, I could not really find any photos, but instead I found a video. The video is only on one collection, but that is better than nothing. I must say all the desginers were amazing, none of them were better than the other.
Even if I could not find any photos on google, I am very good I got my own photos from the fashion shows.

Home made honey

One of the gifts I got from the lovely contry Canada was home made honey. Yes, home made honey. How often do you get homemade honey? I would say almost never! This was the first time I got honey, and may be the last time too.


I have not tried the honey yet, because when the honey is open it stop being liqued. Also, I do not have honey in my tea either. So, when shall I use this really fancy honey from Canada?

Till the time I do not know what to do with the honey, the can will be close and stand in the kitchen.