Something new from South America

In my everyday life I have very simple necklace either in pure silver or with pearls and always pearl ear rings. I do not know why, but most likely it is easy to have and possible to wear with any sort of clothes. However, for a week ago my friend and I went out and I decided to wear the biggest necklace I could find in my boxes.
The necklace is from South America and is hand made by local people. This sort of necklace is impossible to use in everyday life. It is big and some what heavy. On top of that, I do not want to break the necklace. The necklace works very well with simple withe or black top.

Horrible day

Since last night the weather has been gry, rain and cold. I think the summer is offical over in Sweden. Well may be it is for the better becasue now I have absolutly no need to go out and be cold. In the same way as cats do not like to get cold and feel the rain. Anyway, today has been a good day so far a very productive day.

I have:

  • Written statement of purposes
  • CV
  • Study law
  • laundry

The the time is only 2 pm! Well, the reason is kind of simple, I woked up at 6 am…. However, the day is not over and I have to keep on study and do some other work too. Fun, Fun and fun Sunday.

Hopefully all this will pay of in a way or so. Let see and wait.