Some more days, weeks and months left


For a day or so my friend and I skyped and I realized in January (if everything goes as I have planed) I will be done with my BBA. January is not far away, not at all! More or less four months are left in this semester. Till than I have to manage so many other things. Thank God I have only college nowaday. It would have been too much to work besides my studies. I do not know how I managed last May… It was a crazy time but also a lot of fun.
Never give up…. best to remember that.

I am away

Currently I am facing major challanges. Mostly the challanges are about my studies, how to handle the law and GMAT. I have been studying GMAT now, and realizing how much work is remaining. Hopefully I have time to fix the biggest problems with GMAT before exams. On top of that, LAW… Law… might be intresting for the people how love reading a totally different langauge. Well, law is very useful in every day life too, therefore I should not complain too much.
I wanted to give a update what I am doing, I have not forgot the blog, but I am trying to study as much as I can…. and therefore not much is happning in my life.


yes, I am drinking a lot of coffee and tea nowadays.. It is impossible to not to drink!