Dark and the fall is soon here


Fall has arrived, may be the temprature is not that cold yet. But, the mornings and evnings are getting more and more darker. Around 6-7 pm there is a need to turn on the light and walk around with indoor shoes for the heat… At the same time, we are not very far away from November and I am not excited to have the darkness once again without any sun.
At the same time, walking around in the city when it is dark shows how beautiful Stockholm can be.

So me…

For some days again was going to send some photos to a friend of mine. My plan was to provide photos from the fashion show, however to my big big nightmare was that, I had by misstak deleted all the photos!
Like, how can be able to delete all te photos? I have no clue, but at the sametime, It is so me… I have done this sort of mistakes in the past, but I had hope I had learned a lessen. But, no… All the photos were gone with the wind. To my happines and surprise one of the designer had all the photos on her computer. So, slowley the photos are back on my computer.
But, I have to get a system how to handle all my photos… Still I do know how to orgonize the photos so I won’t do this sort of mistakes again…