Nothing is just perfect in Mumbai

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For some months ago I got two photos from a friend. She wrote that during the whole day it has been raining and had been impossible to do anything.
I have heard other stories that planes have not been able to lift from mumbai due to the rain. Everything stop working, the is nothing to beside sitting inside and wait. Therefor I have been lucky to live in Pune. Compare with Mumbai Pune has much better weather. Less rain!

But, the thing is, if a outside want to travel to Mumbai and is not aware of the heat in April-June and the monsoon in June till August. The whole trip can become a nightmare. The heat is too much and the rain is too much. Everything is too much in Mumbai, also there are too people!
One reason some of my friends do not like Mumbai and India… everything is too much nothing is just perfect which we swedish people LOOOOVE…

Time to apply for the spring semester

Okay, now I have to apply as many other people which courses I want to study during the spring. The thing is, there are too many options. I do not know which course I should study. Than the nect question is in what speed, 100, 75, 50 or 25 % and should the course be online or at a campus. There are som many options and I do not know what is best. Should I study something I think i fun or should the course has some sort of conection with my education in BBA and future work?
So much to decide and I have no answer yet. On top of that I have less than a month to decide… Sk√§rmbild (15)