Where will I be?

In my case I hate the feeling of not knowing where I will be after the summer. College has just started and al ready I am woried where I will be also there are many months left. The fact of not knowing is killing me. I want to know, I want to plan or at elast having a sort of plan I will be in this country and study this. But I can not even say that! Instead I have to accapt the fact, I DONT KNOW.

I can not plan anything right now beside focusing on my current situation. That is to study and stduy. But, my mind is flying to the summer and getting me nervous. There is so many things which are depending on my future edeucation. One thing is for sure, I am going to study (I have to, because I do not want to start working yet). But where will I be… in the summer or after the summer is the major question in my mind right now.

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