Today is a really nice day, the sun is up and I have been to the gym for bodybalance.
Therefore, with the gym being done and the only thing I have left to do till the evening are studies… Hopefully I have something fun to do in the evning, maybe I will make jam, let see.
Also, I have spoke with parents about my education I think I have an idea about what I will do. I thought I was going to India for my MBA, but I think my master is going to take place here in Sweden. However, that does not stop me to study something abroad after my master!

Good morning!

I have been thinking about sleeping habits.
For the last weeks I have more or less got 6 hours sleep, I know in the long run it is too less. But, at the same time. During the week I fell asleep at 00 or later and my alarm clock rings at 6 am (every day). So yesterday, I fell alseep before 00 might say 1130/45 and than I woked up at 4:30 am and fell asleep again at 5:15… So may be I have got the habit to sleep around 6 hours and if I sleep more my body become slow and sleepy? Is that possible?


Well, since 6.30 till now 8 am I have been studying GMAT, it takes time because of my mistakes on some questions. On top of that, I have to study law too…